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Run for Rescue - 4/30/11 - 5k - 29:05 (finished 2nd in my age)
Ojai to Ocean - 6/5/11 - Half Marathon - 1:56:37 (Ran with Lisa!)
Megan Savage Memorial - 9/24/11 - 5k - 31:16 (Ran with Bill!)
Beach Derby 10k - 11/6/11 - 56:40 (Ran with Nikki!)
RnRLV - 12/4/11 - Half Marathon 2:18 (Ran with Nikki!) Got sick by race end. Sick three days.
Surf City - 2/5/12 - Half Marathon - 1:55:02 (PR) Ran with Lisa and Sarah
Battle of the Boxes-2/23/13-5:04 Mini Helen-8th place overall team finish
Crossfit Open 13.1-131
Crossfit Open 13.2-232
Crossfit Open 13.3-183
Crossfit Open 13.4-54
Crossfit Open 13.5-49
Battle of the Boxes: Unknown Edition- 3rd place finish!


Crossfit Open 2014!

This is my before photo. I weighed 15 pounds more, was exhausted all of the time and wasn't getting better at crossfit, running or life. It was time for a change.

My before photo

My before photo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Motivating kids to stay active

I have three kids, ages 16, 14 and 10.  The two oldest are heavily involved in sports.  In fact the 16 year old is probably overkill with the amount of time he's required to be in the pool, but that's another story.  The problem is my 10 year old.  She's a great kid and not overweight.  But she is definitely out of shape.  She played on a Select soccer team through June.  Then she went to camp for two weeks.  So she got plenty of activity in the beginning of the summer.  But since then, she really has done nothing.  She doesn't go out by the pool, she just stays in the house either watching TV or on the computer.  She considered trying out for another soccer team.  She even went to one of the tryouts.  It was two hours long and my husband said she looked like her head was going to explode.  He was very proud of her for getting through it but knew that was the end of that.  She said she had no interest in going back to another tryout.  She said she'd rather stick with regular AYSO and maybe do cheer again.  As a runner, and general lover of all sports, this makes me crazy!  The day after this tryout, I felt like it was my responsibility to get her moving and I was having mommy guilt.  So I made her get dressed to go for a run with me.  The night before she'd said she'd run 3 miles with me.  That morning however, she was sore from the tryout.  She didn't want to go at all.  Finally I convinced her to walk 2 miles with the dog.  It was a disaster.  She walked about 30 paces behind me the entire time.  She kept saying is was because she was tired and sore.  But even if I slowed my pace she still walked behind.  I tried to tell her I wanted to walk WITH  her so that we could talk and enjoy the walk.  That this wasn't supposed to be torture.  She said that's what it felt like to her.  This was on Wednesday and I haven't made her go again since then.  It didn't seem worth it.  I'd missed my run and she couldn't have gotten much out of it.  I told her it's not even exercise if her heart doesn't beat a little faster than normal.  Am I going about this wrong?  Any suggestions?


  1. That's a tough one! I'm not quite to that point yet. Mine are 10, 7, and 3. But my oldest is not into sports. We tried soccer a couple years and basketball. He just doesn't do well with team play. He loves to run around to play but won't run just for the sake of it. He does enjoy biking and swimming but we don't do that year around. It seems it really has to be an adventure for him. He did enjoy the couple kids triathlons I signed him up for even though he didn't want to do them in the first place. Have you tried encouraging her to do a race of some sort and then train for it with you? Maybe make the exercise fun in some way. I know running coninuously is tough for kids but maybe instead doing some sprint course, obstacles, fartleks. Something to make it more like play and fun.

  2. My husband and two daughters did a 5k in May. My husband agreed to run with the 10 year old and I ran with the 14 year old. They did really well for a tough course. There was a lot of uphills and the wind was insane and they came in at 37:05, which I thought was great. But my husband said she was nearly in tears on the hills and he felt like she was barely moving. But I was very proud of her and tried to really pump her up. Looking back I think she's proud of herself for getting through it, but doesn't really want to do it again. I think though if I can find a better course and train a bit with her, she might come to enjoy it a bit. I like the idea of trying sprint courses or fartleks. I'm going to try to add some fun into it and see what we come up with. Although it seems fun for me is not fun for her! I'll keep you posted. You do the same!

  3. My oldest will be 7 on Monday and he is almost TOO into exercise, especially to be so young. But I think starting him young and teaching him the importance of exericse will benefit him in the future.. he loves to go on walks or runs with me (what he can manage anyway). He rides his bike or roller blades. I think its just about finding something that she enjoys. Then again, she may not enjoy it in the beginning because it is hard work, etc but as her body adjusts she may come to love it. Just keep trying!

  4. That's the way my son and older daughter were. The youngest has a very strong will and doesn't mince words. I think I need to find ways to keep it fun and low key. I'll keep trying and keep posting. Tips are always appreciated!