Events I've Completed:

Run for Rescue - 4/30/11 - 5k - 29:05 (finished 2nd in my age)
Ojai to Ocean - 6/5/11 - Half Marathon - 1:56:37 (Ran with Lisa!)
Megan Savage Memorial - 9/24/11 - 5k - 31:16 (Ran with Bill!)
Beach Derby 10k - 11/6/11 - 56:40 (Ran with Nikki!)
RnRLV - 12/4/11 - Half Marathon 2:18 (Ran with Nikki!) Got sick by race end. Sick three days.
Surf City - 2/5/12 - Half Marathon - 1:55:02 (PR) Ran with Lisa and Sarah
Battle of the Boxes-2/23/13-5:04 Mini Helen-8th place overall team finish
Crossfit Open 13.1-131
Crossfit Open 13.2-232
Crossfit Open 13.3-183
Crossfit Open 13.4-54
Crossfit Open 13.5-49
Battle of the Boxes: Unknown Edition- 3rd place finish!


Crossfit Open 2014!

This is my before photo. I weighed 15 pounds more, was exhausted all of the time and wasn't getting better at crossfit, running or life. It was time for a change.

My before photo

My before photo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten Reasons I Run

#1 - I started to run because I hated it so much.  Weird I know.  But I was doing Crossfit and all of the WOD's involving runs always made me so mad.  So I took a year off and learned to run.  And I fell in love with it!

#2 - No excuses- Six months before I really decided to become a runner we were in Hawaii.  I didn't want to lose my fitness, so I made a conscious decision to run every day before the family woke up.  I ate & drank a ton while I was there and only gained one pound.  You can run anywhere, anytime!

#3 - Friends- I have met some great people through running.  Some on social networks that I've never met in person, some I've met or become closer to from running.

#4 - Food- I love food and have never been able to eat like good girls are supposed to eat. I eat a lot.  I try to make good food choices, but running lets me eat those extra calories without too much guilt.

#5 - Tech Tops- I've gotten some fun new tops at races along the way.  I love the conversations that start when I wear one of my tops out in public.

#6 - Shock Factor- I love that look when someone asks how far I went and I either say, "10 miles today" or "it was just a short 6 today".

#7 - Pride- I am so proud of myself when I look at how far I've come after only having been running for 13 months.  3 miles used to seem like such an accomplishment.  Now I would only run that distance if it was for a race.  Not because I HAVE to, but because I CAN.

#8 - Bling- I'm not one that picks races for the bling.  But I do have all of my medals on display in my closet.  Every day when I get dressed, I look at those medals and think about how far I've come.

#9 - Gear- I'm a technology junkie, so any excuse to buy something new to help me become a better runner, I'm there.  I love hitting my mileage limit and getting to go buy a new pair of shoes.  I love trying new ways to fuel.  I love it all!

#10 - Solitude- After about 6 months of running, I thought I should find a running group.  I wasn't able to find one in our area that ran at the times I wanted to run.  I did find time to go out on runs on several occasions with other runner friends.  And you know what I found, I prefer to run alone.  I love my friends, and even my hubby, but when I run I like to be alone.  I like to crank up my music and zone out.  I don't want to worry about talking to someone or pacing them.  I just want to run and let my thoughts wonder.

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