Events I've Completed:

Run for Rescue - 4/30/11 - 5k - 29:05 (finished 2nd in my age)
Ojai to Ocean - 6/5/11 - Half Marathon - 1:56:37 (Ran with Lisa!)
Megan Savage Memorial - 9/24/11 - 5k - 31:16 (Ran with Bill!)
Beach Derby 10k - 11/6/11 - 56:40 (Ran with Nikki!)
RnRLV - 12/4/11 - Half Marathon 2:18 (Ran with Nikki!) Got sick by race end. Sick three days.
Surf City - 2/5/12 - Half Marathon - 1:55:02 (PR) Ran with Lisa and Sarah
Battle of the Boxes-2/23/13-5:04 Mini Helen-8th place overall team finish
Crossfit Open 13.1-131
Crossfit Open 13.2-232
Crossfit Open 13.3-183
Crossfit Open 13.4-54
Crossfit Open 13.5-49
Battle of the Boxes: Unknown Edition- 3rd place finish!


Crossfit Open 2014!

This is my before photo. I weighed 15 pounds more, was exhausted all of the time and wasn't getting better at crossfit, running or life. It was time for a change.

My before photo

My before photo

Monday, April 22, 2013

Grace and dinner

I know weird title for a post.  But that's kinda what my day consisted of.  My daughter had an orthodontist appointment this morning and then drove herself to Starbucks and school (which took way longer than if I'd have driven).  So I had to go to crossfit at 11:00.

Our WOD today was Grace.  I'd done it a few months ago, so I knew I had to get it done in about 5 minutes.  Not great, but a goal nonetheless.  Oh first the description:

Grace:  30 clean and jerks at 95#

Today I got 4:38, victory!  It was a 1 min, 19 sec PR!!  I'll take it.

After finishing Grace we had a max effort pull ups.  I got 15 on that.  I probably should've tried for more, but my hands were pinching and I didn't want to  mess them up for the rest of the week.

Then I had to run a few errands and get to Costco.  I started plotting dinner while I was driving and decided to go with bacon wrapped filets.  I saw the recipe on Food Network and have to say they were the best steaks I'd ever made so I went with them again.  I had great intentions of taking a photo, but everyone was starving and I forgot.  But they were just as delicious this time around  If you'd like to give them a try the recipe is here.  I will warn you if you're following a traditional low fat diet, they aren't for you.  If however you are paleo, then go for it!  

We had those with some roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato chips.  And with the leftover bacon, I made bacon wrapped dates for dessert.  Yep it was a good day!

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