Events I've Completed:

Run for Rescue - 4/30/11 - 5k - 29:05 (finished 2nd in my age)
Ojai to Ocean - 6/5/11 - Half Marathon - 1:56:37 (Ran with Lisa!)
Megan Savage Memorial - 9/24/11 - 5k - 31:16 (Ran with Bill!)
Beach Derby 10k - 11/6/11 - 56:40 (Ran with Nikki!)
RnRLV - 12/4/11 - Half Marathon 2:18 (Ran with Nikki!) Got sick by race end. Sick three days.
Surf City - 2/5/12 - Half Marathon - 1:55:02 (PR) Ran with Lisa and Sarah
Battle of the Boxes-2/23/13-5:04 Mini Helen-8th place overall team finish
Crossfit Open 13.1-131
Crossfit Open 13.2-232
Crossfit Open 13.3-183
Crossfit Open 13.4-54
Crossfit Open 13.5-49
Battle of the Boxes: Unknown Edition- 3rd place finish!


Crossfit Open 2014!

This is my before photo. I weighed 15 pounds more, was exhausted all of the time and wasn't getting better at crossfit, running or life. It was time for a change.

My before photo

My before photo

Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally got in a long run

It's been a tough week.  My grandpa died after not eating anything for over 3 weeks.  The heat and humidity suck.  So when a friend asked me to go down to the beach for a long run on Saturday, I decided a long run was just what I needed.

If only life worked the way we plan it.  Friday night my 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son had planned to invite a few friends over.  Of course that kept me vigilant until just after midnight.  So by 12:30 or so I finally got to sleep.  Then the dog was bugging all night to go in, out, in....So needless to say when my alarm went off at 5:45 I questioned my plan to go run 10 miles.  Our friends arrived promptly at 6:15 and off we went.

The guys brought their bikes and Lisa and I ran.  We parked down in Bolsa Chica and ran to the Huntington Pier and back.  It felt so good to get a run in where I didn't have to stop for lights or watch for cars.  And it was fun to run with a friend.  So glad I went!  We definitely have to make that drive a bit more often.

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